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About Us


Music, universal language that crosses borders and creates bridges

The Foundation “Deca Deci” is a nonprofit organization founded in the year 2007 with the support of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and Belgrade City Hall.
The Foundation gathers professionals from various fields in order to promote classical music educations at the youngest age, classical music and attracting younger concert audience. In addition, the Foundation encourages civil initiatives and an active role of individuals in creating better society. Through musical projects that organizes, the Foundation tends to create better conditions for cultural collaboration and exchange in the region and the world.
While participating in sustainable music programs at the highest standards and collaborating with the renowned experts from various fields, children acquire knowledge and skills concerning performance and staging that are important for their professional development and education. In addition, children develop a responsible relationship towards society, solidarity and humanity.
In addition to Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra and soloists that are being chosen at the audition every year, the Foundation has founded The Children’s Regional Philharmonic Orchestra consisted of children from the five cities in the region: Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Skoplje and Belgrade. The Children’s Regional Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in order to enable the new generations of children from the region to acquire new experiences and skills through musical programs, but also get to know one another and their cultures through collaboration and friendship. Together, they should represent the region in the most beautiful and most humane way, and connect it to the world through music – a language everyone understands.


Promotion of musical education and classical music
Attracting younger concert audience
Support, affirmation and promotion of young musical talents
Inclusion of children without parental care and disadvantaged children
Cultural exchange and collaboration between children in the region and worldwide
Civil initiatives and support to active role of citizens in creating a better society